Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the growing community of clients looking for Solar Geysers, Solar Pool heating, Ceiling Insulation, Heat Pumps, Solar PV Panels and Battery Backup Systems, please read further:

With electricity tariffs set to increase rapidly and significantly over the next few years which will in turn increase the demand for energy saving devices, this means you need to increase potential to harvest and make contact with quality leads. If you supply and install solar geysers, solar pool heating, ceiling insulation, heat pumps, solar panels (PV) and/or battery backup systems, then you fit the profile of what our clients are looking for.

How does it work?

We charge NO monthly subscription fee for inclusion on our database of suppliers. We only charge a nominal lead fee for each potential client we send your way. Client enquiries are location-driven, so we don’t send you leads that are not relevant or viable for you to quote on. When a client enquires, you are immediately emailed his contact details and enquiry for you to follow up on. In turn, he will also receive your contact details so that he can contact you directly. In addition, we keep a record online of all enquiries you received, so that you can login at any time and have a look at what needs following up.

Your budget

Our system works on a prepaid concept, and you have full control over the areas and services you cover, at any time of day or night. If you want to stop receiving our leads for a while, you can simply log into your online profile and put a hold there. Similarly, if you have expanded to a larger area or added a service to your portfolio, you can make the necessary changes online without relying on a third party to do it for you. Once your prepaid credit has been depleted, your profile is soft-locked and all further leads are sent with the contact details hidden until you recharge your account.


We are investing a lot of resources and a large part of our budget into obtaining and maintaining good positions on search engines. Since search marketing is fast becoming the definitive means of finding anything these days, this method is helping us to get a constant stream of relevant visitors to our site – and to you, the supplier. Click here to read more about ENSAV.

Our rates

We offer an extremely competitive rate of ONLY R10 PER LEAD for Solar Geysers, Solar Pool Heating, Ceiling Insulation and Heat Pumps, and ONLY R50 PER LEAD for Solar PV Panels / Battery Backups, with NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE. Don’t delay – SUBSCRIBE today!

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