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Using Solar Pool Heating

Energy costs always seem to be on the rise. This is largely due to the fact that we are using more energy then is available. Eventually our current energy sources are going to be depleted. That is why so many people are looking into alternatives. They are trying out solar power.

Solar power may not yet be ideal for every situation, but one place it seems to be the perfect match is outside. Solar pool heat is a great example of a perfect way to use solar energy. It is ideal because yourpool is going to be exposed to the sun and you are going to use your pool during the sunniest times of the year.

Solar pool heating involves one of two methods. It can be either passive or active. Passive solar pool heating involves simple methods and equipment. Active solar pool heating involves a bit more complexity. As the names suggest a passive system simply draws in the suns energy, while an active system actively collects the suns energy.

Passive solar pool heating is usually done with a solar blanket or pool cover. The cover soaks up the suns heat and traps in inside the pool to warm up the water. The downside is the cover can only be used when the pool is not being used and if there is not adequate sunlight then there will not be as much heat which can lead to colder water temperatures on occasion. Passive solar pool covers are quite easy to install. They usually have some sort of reel system that allows you to cover and uncover the pool without a lot of hassle.

Active solar pool heating involves collecting, storing and moving the solar energy. A solar panel, a battery and storage unit are all parts of an active pool heating system. Active pool heating systems can be complex to install, but they are more reliable then passive pool heating systems. To install an active pool heating system you need to run cables, install the panels and connect everything to the pool.

Whichever heating system you select for your pool-whether it be active or passive-it will ultimately be much cheaper than a gas or battery operation, which will require the constant replacement of limited inputs. They are also easier to install and much safer. Above all, the solar energy is free. You can save a bundle on your energy bills by using a solar pool heating system over other systems.

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