Make winter more bearable with ceiling insulation

It seems every winter is getting colder and colder. Whether that is a real concern or not is debatable. One thing is certain though… in South Africa we can learn a lot from countries with more extreme winter weather. For starters, they know how to insulate themselves!

Most South African homes have very little in terms of insulation compared to their European or North American counterparts. There are multiple reasons for this, but allow me to highlight perhaps the two most prominent ones. Firstly is the fact that traditionally South Africans paid very little for energy compared to the rest of the world, which means that it always used to be cheaper to heat the home rather that preventing it from going cold in the first place. Secondly is the fact that winter temperatures in South Africa are a lot more moderate than elsewhere. We are not so prone to constant periods of snow, which combined with wind cause for massive drops in temperatures.

However, we are well aware of average temperatures dropping severely in winter – unbearably so, and certainly enough to require heating. With sharp increases in electricity tariffs, this quickly has a dramatic impact on the finances, and this is why nowadays it makes a lot more sense than ten years ago to insulate our homes properly. An home without insulation loses heat up to 240% faster than a home that is well insulated. This means that a home without insulation requires more constant heating than one with insulation. It is much like sleeping under a single thin blanket in winter instead of a thick duvet. With only body heat you will be fine under the duvet, but the thin blanket will require an electric blanket, since the heat will escape too quickly to be sufficient.

Ceiling insulation is a great place to start when insulating, because warm air rises. When the warm air inside your house rises to the ceiling, a well-insulated ceiling will stop the warm air and start pushing it down eventually, instead of acting like a chimney that extracts the hot air and allowing more cold air to start cycling through your home.

The next question is which installer to get. How do you know who to trust? We hear every day of contractors running off without finishing the job, or not standing responsible for a job that wasn’t done properly. Wouldn’t it be great to know about reputable and trustworthy ceiling insulation installers in your area? Well, Ensav has great news, because we’ve got exactly what you are looking for. We have a national database of rated suppliers operating in your area. When you complete our online quotation request, our suppliers are alerted and prompted to contact you. Afterwards, we send out a simple questionnaire to our enquirers, asking them to rate each of the suppliers that contacted them. In this way, we protect future users from bad service providers, and help weed out the “cowboys” from the industry.

So, for up to six quotations from quality ceiling insulation installers in your area, why don’t you complete our online form? You won’t be sorry you did!

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