Solar Geysers


A typical Solar Geyser system
can cost in the region of
R15,000 to R40,000
fully installed. The Eskom
rebate expired April 2015.

Solar Plasma Geyser Flat Plate Solar Geyser Evacuated Tube Solar Geyser Evacuated Tube Solar Geyser Flat Plate Solar Geyser

Our Quality Solar Geyser Suppliers:

  • Supply:

    • Solar Plasma Geysers

    • Flat Plate System Solar Geysers

    • Evacuated Tube Solar Geysers

  • Are ESKOM approved.

  • Are SABS approved.

  • Members of the Sustainable Energy Society South Africa.

  • Have 5-10 year warranties

  • Suppliers are rated by our clients through a questionnaire sent to you after every contact with a supplier, based on the suppliers rating they are either promoted to a preferred supplier or taken off our suppliers list.

EComfort is a preferred Solar Geyser Supplier and Installer.

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