The Importance of Insulation R Value

Home insulation is a vital component of the home that you should consider, particularly during house renovation. If the home is not properly insulated, rest assured that insulation will be the most effective method to reduce your electrical energy usage. It is a proven fact that an insulated home is much more energy efficient, as the air conditioning in your home can substantially be decreased. Other than saving energy, home insulation also makes your home more comfortable to live in and helps to muffle sound. Dust and pests may also have a difficult time to come in your own home via the insulated doorway and basement.

An important consideration in insulation is the insulation R number. The R number indicates the efficiency of insulation material. The higher the R value, the more successful the material will be in lowering electricity usage. If you are planning to add insulation to your home and discover that there are already existing insulation, all that is required is to add an additional layer of insulation on top of your existing level. The insulation R value for existing insulation can be estimated by multiplying the thickness with a fixed number, which is dependent on the type of materials.

There are many types of home insulation available for power saving purposes. Probably the most common kinds are clothes insulation, paper insulation and wool insulation. In South Africa, mostly it will only be the ceiling that requires insulation, although insulating windows with double glazing is also a good idea in some areas.

Although the cost of installing insulation might be high initially, the money saved through lesser electricity usage is quite substantial in the long run. The required insulation R factor is an important parameter that needs to be estimated during the set up process. All recognized insulation materials will indicate the R value on the packaging. In colder areas you would require a higher R value than in warmer regions to achieve the same result.

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